Experience pioneers of digital art

elementum.art NFT Gallery

Zurich Airport, The Circle 18

28th September - 24th December 2022

The elementum.art NFT Gallery is a place where people want to go, meet up and spend time. On over 28 screens and a VR installation, you can immerse yourself in the world of historical and contemporary works of virtual art.

The 380-square-meters pop-up gallery is located in the Circle 18, just a two-minute walk from the Zurich Airport gate.

We have planned a diverse program: through events, talks, and exhibitions, evolving around the topic of digital art and showcasing a range between historical NFTs and releases - as well as live mints.

This pop-up experience is brought to you by the Swiss NFT Plattform elementum.art

Experience artworks of pioneering digital artists

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Current Exhibtion

Liebe Maschine, male mir


Frieder Nake

Herbert W. Franke

Manfred P. Kage

Hein Gravenhorst

Alexander Mordvinstev


Espen Kluge

Exhibition on view until 14 December 2022
Open daily from 12-19 (12-7 pm)

elementum.art and Kate Vass Galerie are delighted to collaborate on the group NFT exhibition "Liebe Maschine, male mir”, featuring works by Frieder Nake, Herbert W. Franke, Manfred P. Kage, Hein Gravenhorst, Alexander Mordvintsev, Ganbrood, and Espen Kluge.
The show explores a broad spectrum of algorithmic art.


Acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of computer art is Frieder Nake (a former student of Max Bense), who designed his first programmed plotter drawings at the Technical University of Stuttgart in 1963 and visualized them on the "Graphomat" (ZUSE Z64) drawing machine. For the "Liebe Maschine, male mir" exhibition Frieder Nake dedicates his Genesis NFT "Homage to Gerhard Richter" as a continuation to "Hommage à Paul Klee", which was created in 1965 and paid tribute to the Bauhaus artist by the principle of chance. "Chance is better than me" Gerhard Richter was once quoted when he made colour charts based on algorithms. In Frieder Nake's hommage, an algorithm continuously generates Richter's striped images in endless variations.

Watch Frieder Nake as he speaks with Georg Bak about his inspiration behind his Genesis NFT drop, his decades long relationship with machines and computers, as well as his friendship with Vera Molnar. Explore the playlist with the videos.

Find out more about Frieder Nake on elementum.


Among the most important pioneering works and inventions of Prof. Manfred P. Kage was the 'Polychromator', a kind of optical synthesizer for microphotography, invented in 1957, which is still unique worldwide. Manfred P. Kage created crystal-optical pictorial works of the series 'Microverse of Crystals' with the help of his polychromator. Manfred P. Kage had always made it his artistic and challenging task to uncover the aesthetics of the tiniest micro-worlds visually and to bring them tangibly to the viewers of his works, to make the invisible and the hidden visible and to let the microcosm merge with the meso- and macrocosm. Manfred P. Kage illuminates the unknown and hidden, the exotic ornaments of life and metamorphoses of our world, the inevitable connection of our human existence with nature and the cosmos- embedded in the 'all-encompassing rhythm of chaos and order.'

Find out more about Manfred P. Kage on elementum


A co-founder of the Generative Photography movement; together with Kilian Breier, Pierre Cordier, Hein Gravenhorst and Gottfried Jäger, Hein Gravenhorst has exhibited in major digital art exhibitions in the dawn of computer art, such as "New Tendencies IV" in Zagreb in 1968 and the "Wege zur Computerkunst" show in 1970. Hein Gravenhorst's artworks can be found in many prominent art collections worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. His artworks resemble the Op Art movement of his contemporaries, like Bridget Riley, and show proximity to the psychedelic visual effects and counterculture movement of the 1960s.

Find out more about Hein Gravenhorst on elementum.


One of the recent pioneers of digital art is Alexander Mordvintsev, who conducts scientific research at Google on visualizing deep neural networks. The artist became well known for his invention of the Deep Dream algorithm, a special form of artificial intelligence that he launched in the summer of 2015. In the "Liebe Maschine, male mir" group exhibition, Alexander Mordvintsev will present a new body of work from his latest series titled "Autumn Life". The visuals are created by a cellular automata based artificial life simulation and are inspired by the autumn forest and its delicate inhabitants.

Find out more about Alexander Mordvintsev on elementum.

GANBROOD (B. 1968)

Like every artist is expanding on the work of their most revered predecessors, in "S O M N I V M", Ganbrood uses visual themes that have always inspired him since his youth: mythology and fairytales, theater and film, painting and photography, video games and comics. Artificiality has always been a decisive element in Ganbrood's past work, whether using special effects and 3D animation for film or photographing actual events in a serene way that almost looked staged. The elements of contradictory mediums like fresco paintings and photography or 3D are battling for the spectator's conclusion of how to interpret what is perceived.

Find out more about Ganbrood on elementum.


As a composer, visual artist, and creative coder Espen Kluge is fascinated by spontaneity and the exploration of semi-randomness in moments of improvisation. This unique approach is reflected in his two series; "Alternatives" created in 2019, and "Lyrical Convergence" from 2022. Both use the same set of data but two different algorithms. The artworks showcase the diversity of human perception, objectivity, and subjectivity, where we see the transformation from figurative to abstraction.

Find out more about Espen Kluge on Kate Vass Galerie.

The below video showcases the opening reception of "Liebe Maschine, male mir", from Thursday, 27 October, 2022.

Past Exhibtion

Edges of the Metaverse

by Aaron Huey

28 September - 26 October, 2022

“Edges of the Metaverse” is a physical exhibition showcasing the distant edges of the metaverse(s) captured by the new media artist, photographer, explorer, activist, and storyteller Aaron Huey.

The exhibition features photographs and videos from the furthest edges of various virtual worlds, documented during Aaron Huey’s assignment to the metaverse by the National Geographic magazine.

Aaron Huey’s artworks are exhibited exclusively at elementum.art pop up gallery and presented as NFTs.

In the Exhibition

Synthetic VOICE GEMS

by Harry Yeff and Trung Bao

Synthetic Voice Gems are a VOICE GEMS collection synthesised from series of A.I. generative voices - the artificial voices used to produce the pieces are generated from a data set of 100 anonymous voices gifted to the project.

The ethereal tone produced by an augmented human and machine duet. Singing phrases that have never been expressed by a human being, preserved as precious digital object.

The 200’000 particle system harnesses the fingerprint-like features found in the human voice to generate digital one of a kind gemstones and physical sculpture.

Reeps100 and Trung Bao are two of the world's leading vocal experimentalists today, both utilising an almost inhuman vocal range. As artists they have collected hundreds of vocal techniques from around the world, which informs their knowledge and deep appreciation of the incredible nuance that is within the human VOICE.

In the Exhibition

Neural Zoo

by Sofia Crespo and Entangled Others

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Exhibition Location

The Circle - Zurich Airport

Come on a journey of discovery into the world of digital art and learn more about the beginning of the history of digital art in the 1960s through a selection of NFTs

General Info

The pop-up gallery will open on September 28th 2022 at Zurich Airport, The Circle 18.

The Swiss NFT pioneers elementum.art are behind the project.

Location Address

Zurich Airport

The Circle 18

8058 Zürich

Zurich Airport

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

12:00 - 19:00 (CET)

Opening duration

28th September - 24th December 2022

Featured Artists

The elementum.art gallery shows works of the pioneers of computer art and visionary contemporary digital art.


Sofia Crespo




Hein Gravenhorst


Heinrich Heidersberger


Aaron Huey






Alexander Mordvintsev


Frieder Nake


Reeps100 and Trung Bao

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